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Imagine the Excitement!

Imagine the excitement on your next Zoom company call because of a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE virtual magic show!  Your guests will know it’s SHOWTIME when they log in online!

From virtual cocktail parties, webinar series, online employee appreciation events, all-hands Zoom meetings, virtual meetings, and Zoom company calls, Kerry’s online show is built on interaction!  Everyone gets a front row seat to the “Impossible!” and will experience mind-blowing magic online.

Social distancing savvy, Kerry’s virtual shows are professional, engaging, and bring smiles and laughter while your colleagues can unwind and relax!

Most Zoom corporate magic shows are mostly card tricks and not terribly interactive. You might as well watch a YouTube video.  Kerry’s highly interactive online virtual magic show features a professional theater backdrop, dangerous magic, gambling routines, virtual voodoo to mind reading and NO CARD TRICKS!