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Parrot Jax Zoom Magic Shows
Zoom Magic

Fun! The Perfect Complement

Online Zoom Magic Shows are the perfect complement to those boring corporate virtual Zoom meetings, Zoom family get-togethers, Zoom birthdays, or just for virtual fun.

Jax the Mind Reading Parrot

Every family virtual Zoom magic show includes the hilarious Jax, the real, giant, mind-reading Parrot!

No Boring “Pick a Card” Tricks!

No “Uncle Joe’s” card tricks!  You will see professional routines including amazing magic, spooky magic, scary magic, gambling routines, mind reading, and more!

Even better, nearly EVERYTHING is interactive with you and your guests!

30+ Years Experience

Magician Kerry has 30 years of experience as a professional magician and mentalist.  Originally from Alaska, and now in Raleigh, North Carolina, Magician and Mentalist Kerry is able to provide entertainment worldwide with online, Zoom magic shows.

COVID-19 and Corporate Zoom Magic Shows

Because of COVID-19, people are not able to socialize as they would like.  They often work at home.  This is the perfect time for your company to have a live, interactive magic show over Zoom with magician Kerry at your next online meeting!

Virtual Zoom Magic Shows are 100% Guaranteed

Each Zoom magic show is 200% guaranteed to be a hit.  That is a money-back guarantee!  Magician Kerry offers this with all his shows, and no-one has ever taken him up on it!

Highly Interactive!

Unlike most, each show is highly interactive to delight your guests! It keeps things fresh and makes the event more interesting and so much more memorable!


If requested, Kerry can do a short comedy set from his comedy club show!